Model 12 has 3/4 of reel ribbon left. Works although some letters are faint while most are good. Could use basic maintenance and new ribbons are only about $12 online-look for ribbon #SC-54. Come See or pickup in little chute by appointment. User manual could be found online. Identical unit listed Ebay for $169.
Old canvas carpenter nail apron. Not the usual "apron string ties which tie in back" but this one has belt loops in front. This building supply/lumber yard was a staple since at least 1920 until ? Note the 414 area code many years ago. Normal wear, great for your work around the house. Nice piece of history. Little Chute pickup. Cross posted item.
L.R. Nelson brand old brass head sprinkler works great (see pictures). Base is cast aluminum with brass head. Hard to find red color. Like items of this era, there is no shut-off at the sprinkler head. Great to collect and also water your garden or flowers. 4"long. Cross posted. Pickup or see in little chute.